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Pagine correlate. Chuckling at his former youthful self from under his rather anachronistic handlebar moustache, he admits that this was also his first mistake: After completing his academic career at Princeton and at Johns Hopkins University before going on to take a master in International Relations at Bologna University, he worked in the US diplomatic corps for a number of years as Vice Consul first in Turin and then in Genoa. He then decided to dedicate himself wholly to collecting, and over the following forty years amassed an amazing quantity of artistic material, a vast heterogeneous mare magnum of over a hundred thousand items, whose overarching theme was their origin in the last two decades of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century.

Wolfson is no gloating hoarder; he collects purely to share and enhance the single objects in the context of a harmonious whole, so that others can study and enjoy the fruits of his labours, gaining in understanding. His entire collection was built up following this ethos. The Wolfsonian Foundation was born in in Miami Beach, but with a branch in Genoa to act both as a springboard for further collecting and as a pivotal international centre for research, publication and the promotion of art.

Genova, la città dalle origini antiche, dallo spiccato spirito commerciale e imprenditoriale eppure chiusa e come ripiegata su se stessa, superba e orgogliosa, affascinante e misteriosa: After a decade of hard work Wolfson decided that the time had come to give his project a stable future in the two cities, Miami and Genoa, that had become, partly by accident and partly by design, his homes. Micky also decided that part of his collection should stay permanently in fascinating, mysterious Genoa, that ancient trading seaport with its proud traditions jealously guarded in haughty exclusivity, and in , following the opening of the museum in Nervi and the Study Centre in the Palazzo Ducale; he donated the project to the Regional Foundation for Culture and Entertainment.

La gemmologia invece differenzia tra giada giadeite e giada nefrite, due tipi di gemme che mineralogicamente presentano in comune soltanto la caratteristica di appartenere alla grande famiglia dei silicati. Al professore francese A. Damour si deve, nel , la caratterizzazione scientifica delle due specie minerali giadeite e nefrite.

La tenacità è la proprietà fisica grazie alla quale un corpo si oppone alla frattura. Difficilissima da rompere, proprio a causa della compattezza, si presta molto bene a essere intagliata. Jade is a word with a long tradition behind it, a word which is still erroneously used in many cases commercially today as a generic term to describe a number of massive, translucent minerals suitable for carving. However gemmology distinguishes between jadeite and nephrite jade, two types of jade that in mineralogical terms are only similar because they both belong to the large family of silicate minerals.

It was the French professor A. Damour who scientifically determined in that what we called jade was actually two different minerals: When Damour realised that the green Burmese mineral he was analysing was different from what was commonly called Chinese jade nephrite , he called it jadeite. Both minerals are extremely tough thanks to their generally dense compact mass of interlocking microcrystals. Toughness is the physical characteristic which prevents breakage, with jade being the toughest known mineral. It is extremely difficult to break because its compactness and this makes it particularly suitable for carving.

In casi eccezionali sono stati rinvenuti monocristalli di giadeite, materiale davvero raro e di altissimo pregio. La giadeite non è solo verde, ricorre infatti in altri svariati colori. Responsabili delle diverse colorazioni sono elementi chimici estranei alla composizione chimica teorica incorporati dal minerale durante la sua formazione. Alcuni colori sono invece causati da residui di elementi o composti lasciati in seguito a impregnazione di soluzioni acquose negli interstizi tra i diversi granuli della massa policristallina. La giadeite verde smeraldo, nota come giada imperiale, estratta in Myanmar, fra tutte le varietà è la più rara e ambita.

Le sue quotazioni rivaleggiano con quelle del diamante. Ma se in Occidente sono più conosciute le diverse tonalità di verde, in Estremo Oriente sono anche molto apprezzati il bianco uniforme e il giallo con una lieve sfumatura rosa. La varietà rossa è tra le più pregiate. Da sempre la fonte primaria è il Myanmar già Birmania , per quantità e qualità. Myanmar è certo più noto come paese produttore ed esportatore di grezzo che non come centro di lavorazione.

La lavorazione avviene in Cina, da dove poi i pezzi finiti vengono esportati in tutto il mondo. Nel la Dogana statunitense ha pubblicato le Conditions for Importation, regolamento di attuazione della legge. Il JADE Act specifica che tutti i rubini, le giadeiti e la gioielleria contenente queste gemme provenienti dal Myanmar non possono entrare negli Usa anche se le pietre sono state lavorate e trasformate altrove. Eccezioni si applicano solo alle pietre presenti negli Usa precedentemente al 27 settembre e agli articoli importati per uso personale.

Jadeite is a piroxene mineral. In nature it is typically found in extremely compact polycrystalline aggregates monoclinic crystal system which make it either translucent or opaque. In exceptional cases jadeite is found in monocrystals, an extremely rare and very valuable material. Jadeite comes in several colours, not only in green. It is found in both uniform white, black, yellow, orangy-red, brown, grey, light purple, lavender and mauve, combinations of these colours and streaked or spotted colour schemes. Clever carving when it comes to choosing style and shape can make the most of its natural colours. Colour is largely affected by the presence of trace elements which were incorporated into the mineral as it was formed.

For example bright green comes from the presence of chrome, while lavender is caused by transfer ferrous-ferric state of iron. Other colours are due to residual elements or compounds dissolved in water which at some point infiltrated the spaces between the granules of the polycrystalline mass. Emerald green jadeite, or imperial jade, mined in Myanmar, is the rarest and most sought-after type of jade. Its worth rivals that of diamonds. Although the various shades of green jade are better known in the West, in the Far East white or yellowish white jade with a hint of pink is also highly prized. Red jade is again one of the most valuable varieties. Lavender jade is a popular choice for pieces of jewellery.

The main source in terms of quantity and quality has always been Myanmar formerly known as Burma. Myanmar is better known for mining and exporting raw jadeite rather than working it. It is worked in China, with the finished pieces being exported all over the world. In the US customs published their Conditions for Importation, the regulations that governed the application of the Jade Act. The JADE Act specifies that all rubies, jadeites and jewellery containing these gems from Myanmar may not be imported into the USA, even if the stones have been worked elsewhere. Exceptions are only applied for stones already in the US before 27 September and for articles imported for personal use.

La nefrite è policristallina essendo costituita da minuti cristalli fibrosi intrecciati in una tessitura che ricorda il feltro. Anche la gamma di colori della nefrite è ampia: Il ferro è il responsabile di verde, giallo, bruno. La varietà detta commercialmente Mutton-fat grasso di montone , bianca o gialla molto chiara, traslucida, è particolarmente apprezzata in Cina. I giacimenti di nefrite ricorrono in molti paesi del mondo: Ma i produttori della miglior qualità oggi sono considerati Canada British Columbia e Taiwan. Meno rara e quindi oggi valutata come meno pregiata della giadeite, la nefrite nel tempo è stata impiegata sia in gioielleria che come materiale ornamentale o per oggetti rituali.

The jade first found in history, in the second millennium before Christ, was nephrite. Nephrite is a polycrystalline mass of minute interwoven crystal fibres that resembles felt. Nephrite also has a broad range of colours from light to dark green, white, yellow brown, grey and black. It may be streaked or spotted. Iron is responsible for the greens, yellows and browns. So-called white or very light yellow translucent Mutton-fat nephrite is particularly prized in China.

Deposits of nephrite occur in many countries around the world: However the highest quality producers today are held to be Canada British Columbia and Taiwan. Less rare, and therefore less expensive than jadeite, nephrite has always been widely used in jewellery as an ornamental material or to make ritual objects. In Russia the best-known name in the art of jade carving was Peter Carl Fabergé — Fabergé preferred working Siberian nephrite, which he used to create sculptures and objects, miniature masterpieces for his select and extremely wealthy clients.

Le tecniche e i processi si sono evoluti in particolare da quando, nel , fu scoperta in Myanmar una grande quantità di giadeite, conosciuta come jade, la cui scarsa qualità imponeva i trattamenti. A Hong kong, la capitale mondiale del commercio delle giade, fu quindi stabilita una classificazione delle giadeiti per differenziare le pietre naturali da quelle trattate.

Queste operazioni sono ritenute parte della lavorazione tradizionale. I colori artificiali non sono durevoli. Per gli orientali la giadeite conserva il suo significato mistico solo se è di tipo A. In Occidente prevale il valore estetico ed è quindi ammesso il tipo B, apprezzato anche perché più lucente. Tra queste, soprattutto serpentino, idrogrossularia, saussurite, amazzonite, vesuviana potrebbero ingannare un pubblico generico.

La nefrite, di per sé, non è una pietra costosa. These treatments make low quality jadeite an attractive buy on the mass market, but it is undoubtedly a deceptive material. Enhancement techniques and processes took a jump forward in , when a large quantity of low grade jadeite requiring treatment known as jade was discovered in Myanmar. This led to a classification of jadeites being stipulated in Hong kong, world capital of jade trading, to distinguish natural stones from treated material. Acids may be sparingly used to remove residual material after abrasion. These operations are considered a normal part of the traditional working of the material.

The artificial colouring does not last. Oriental peoples believe that only A-jade retains its mystic significance. In the West aesthetic values prevail and B-jade is admissible; indeed it is much appreciated because of its translucent qualities. Nephrite may occasionally be stained or dyed. Polishing with paraffin is a common practise which is allowed by the market. SiMilAr StoneS It can already be difficult to distinguish simply between jadeite and nephrite without the right expert knowledge, but then there are a whole array of massive natural stones, both opaque and translucent, that are very similar.

The most common are serpentine, hydrogrossular, saussurite, amazonite and vesuvianite, all of which could be passed off as jade to the general public without specialist knowledge. For example serpentine, a magnesium iron hydrated silicate, has been used for thousands of years as a gem and for ornamentation, as can be seen from objects produced in ancient Mesopotamia. Today it is one of the most common alternatives to jade, often playing a role that nature had not intended it for as an imitation presented under such deliberately ambiguous names as New jade, Korean jade or Soochow jade. Nephrite is not an intrinsically expensive stone. Its value lies principally in the quality of the carving and its antiquity.

I popoli orientali tenevano in grande considerazione le giade, le ritenevano dense di simboli arcaici e teofanici. Essi ritenevano che potessero infondere le cinque virtù tradizionali: Solo da pochi anni è possibile ammirare al Palazzo Imperiale di Pechino una parte delle magnifiche collezioni di monili che, miracolosamente, si sono salvate da saccheggi e distruzioni susseguitesi sino agli anni cinquanta. Una pregiatissima collezione di giade è esposta al British Museum di Londra. Oriental peoples have always held these stones in high consideration, believing them to be charged with archaic religious symbolism.

They believed that jade could infuse the traditional five virtues: Only lately has it become possible to admire this magnificent collection of skilfully crafted jade objects housed in the Imperial Palace in Beijing, which has miraculously survived the repeated destruction and sacks that took place up until the s. The British Museum in London housed an extremely valuable collection of jade. Among them Fabergé in St Petersburg and Cartier, who made for one lucky customer a belt of twenty-one carved jade plaques with a ruby cabochon clasp.

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