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Casino holdem winning strategy

Consulta la recensione. Acquisto verificato. This is a review of the Kindle Version. This classic by superstar Hold'em Tournament player Dan Harrington is well regarded by experienced poker players everywhere. It is a "classic" and a worthy read despite the fact that some of the techniques are so widely known that they have lost much of their effectiveness. There is a multitude of good reviews on the content, which I will not discuss.

Instead, I will discuss the merits of the Kindle edition. This is one of the best Kindle editions of a paper poker book that I've seen so far - most graphics-heavy poker books don't translate that well. I also own paper copies of this series, so I can compare the two readily. First, the text itself is not plagued by the transcription errors and typos that are common in most Kindle versions. I don't know why it's so hard for them to proofread Kindle versions carefully before they put them up for sale, but that's another issue. The text in this book is exactly like the original, without any transcription errors. Second, the Kindle version does an excellent job of reproducing the diagrams from the original paper book.

This book is loaded with diagrams, and some Kindle poker books don't handle these well, especially when you change the typeface size on your kindle. This book is outstanding in this area. As I write this, the price discount for the Kindle version compared to the paper version is only a couple of bucks, but I can't complain. In fact, the kindle version to me is even more valuable than my paper versions, due to portability. The kindle is shaping up to be a great device for serious poker players, because we can keep our Gus Hansen, Dan Harrington, and other books all in one small package to read during travel time to the casinos.

This book breaks down each scenario that could occur in the early stages of a poker tournament. The authors teach the reader how to calculate pot odds which I never knew before which are how much it costs you to be part of a pot. This book has inspired me to try a poker tournament at my local casino. I believe anyone can learn to play hold 'em with this book and practice.

There is an old adage that says sequels are never as good as the original. For the most part this saying holds true but then there is the exception. Back in a sequel came out that broke the mold of how a second movie was expected to turn out. There will be endless discussions regarding which of the 2 films was superior, but there was no denying that when the second film was made, it not only was a success, but one of the greatest movies ever made. Expert Strategy for No Limit Tournaments: Endgame', Action Dan has managed to make the impossible possible.

He along with Bill Roberte have written a sequel so good that it is hard to distinguish the two books and easily point to a reason why the first book is better than the sequel. With the focus being how to play the middle to end stages of a tournament, Harrington has written a book that even the most experienced of players will be able to profit from. My favorite 2 points made in this book are as follows: The concept of M and why it is so important to always know where your stack is in relation to the antes and blinds.

When heads up, nearly any 2 cards are worth playing and you are never that far behind. I really hope that Dan Harrington doesn't sell a lot of these books, because anyone that reads, learns, and follows the advice within is going to become a much better poker player. Employing a writing style that makes even the most difficult concepts easy to understand and follow, the end result is incredible. Wonderful, wonderful poker book by one of the best players in the world. I can not fathom why this book has great reviews.

Despite having the word 'expert' in the title, most of the book is literally explicitly for beginners! And none of it is about tournament strategy! I am extremely disappointed in this book. If you have any experience playing already this book is a waste of time. I like the diagrams and card drawings used in this book to illustrate the examples. I've won 2 low level tournaments and usually make it to the final 4 at my home games with friends.

Some people that actually read about poker have already adapted to the strategies in this game, but it's still a solid foundation and you'll be ahead of those who never, "study", the game. Vai su Amazon. Consegne illimitate in 1 giorno. Iscriviti ad Amazon Prime: Richiesta di vedere le restanti community cards che sarebbero state distribuite, in caso di mano già conclusa. Ottenere il massimo EV in base alle informazioni che avete raccolto fino a quel momento. Avere un buon punto ma non rilanciare per tenere più giocatori possibile nel piatto ed eventualmente provocare bluffs. Altrimenti nota come wash. A volte abbreviato in SNG.

In gergo pokeristico significa vincere un piatto spesso formato solo dai bui bluffando con una puntata molto alta. Esempio di picche. Spesso capita di andare in tilt dopo aver perso una mano che ci vedeva largamente favoriti fino al river. Send a message. Your name. Send message. Login now. Need more help? Save time by starting your support request online. We're online! Help us help you better! Feel free to leave us any additional feedback.

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